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March 23

Top 5 Exercises Everyone Should Do but Nobody Does


Prior to starting Raw Fitness, I have spent countless hours both working and training in large commercial gyms. It would drain me to see the same people, doing the same exercises with the same body image year after year. For the guys, I see a non-stop sequence of bench press and bicep curls. For the ladies, they line up to hop on every leg and ab machine the gym has to offer. Both parties could do MUCH better at reaching their illusive results. I have picked my top 5 list of exercises that will build muscle and burn fat much faster than the typical gym member does. So here we go!

Paloff Press – I have a huge white board on the wall where our clients write their goals. More than half at any time deal with the midsection. Unfortunately when people think of the core, they think of crunches and sit-ups. Not only can these be dangerous, but they miss out on a lot of the muscles that truly define the core. Try this gem to rock those obliques, give you a smaller waistline, and shred you up.

Face Pull
– If you feel like your neck is always tight from sitting in front of a computer, than this is the one for you. If you want a sexy defined upper back, this also is the one for you. If you struggle with a variety of shoulder dysfunctions, there is a good chance this is the one for you too.

Angled Deadlift to Press – In my opinion, people spend far too long in the gym pursuing the results that they want. At Raw Fitness we want you to have a life outside the gym so we use a myriad of total body exercises to get you the results you want in a hurry. This one has plenty of, “bang for your buck!”

RKC Plank – Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, you invariably have heard of the plank. However this variation is double the results in half the time. All hail the ripped up core!

Atomic Pushup – Not only does it have a 10 star name, but this is another, “big bang for your buck” exercise. It’s got chest, shoulders, triceps, hips, and abs in one fantastic maneuver.


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