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June 23

How Our New Online Program Fits with Our Principles


At Raw Fitness, we’ve developed a competitive online program to help our customers to stay fit through this unanticipated pandemic. Our Raw Fitness Online training service brings the expertise and dedication of our trainers right into your home.

We adjusted to COVID quickly. But that’s not the only reason to maintain this kind of customized home training program. This is also for those who want to avoid making their fitness plans a casualty of coronavirus closures.


Customized Training


Even when we primarily used our Raw Fitness training center, our fitness training was always highly customized to the individual. Instead of running a big commercial gym with hundreds of machines and generic floor plans, we have specialized in running a boutique gym with small group training classes and resources for the individual workout.

In a sense, that fits with the online option that we’re offering. Because it allows our trainers to really focus on one person at a time. For example, one thing we’ve learned is that it’s important to fit someone’s schedule. That can be easier to do with an online platform than it is with facility scheduling.  Especially if you do it the right way!


Understanding Key Challenges


At the end of the day, so much fitness training involves understanding the triggers and keys.  This will either propel a person forward, along with knowing about the barriers and obstacles that can move them back or stop their progress.

Our trainers have experience. As those who have struggled with obstacles like cancer or disease, sedentary lifestyle, manic work schedules, and more. So we know how to break through these bad patterns and vicious cycles and enable our clients to go beyond, to thrive in whatever environment they are in. 




As people continue to fear a very transmissible virus with few feasible treatment options, you’ll hear people saying that ‘gyms are dead.’

Gyms are not dead. What’s temporarily out of fashion is the idea that you’ll go in and rub shoulders with 100 or more people.  The need for gyms and fitness training is still here.

We are migrating temporarily to an online platform. And we help you to keep yourself healthy in two very critical ways. First, by practicing the right kind of social distancing.  And second, by maintaining resources that will help you preserve mobility, longevity, and overall health through better fitness every day.  Talk to us about how this works so that you can stay fit through the pandemic without missing a beat. 


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