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August 9

From Conquered To Conqueror


Have you ever left a workout feeling defeated?

You just missed that Black Belt deadlift or didn’t finish the last round in a class on a high note?

Everyone has that feeling of a bad or failed workout from time to time,but your ability to put it behind you and crush it next time is crucial to your success.

The important question after one of these workouts is what really brings you back the next session ready to conquer the gym?

Are you able to take a step back and see that it was not a failure at all, but merely a lesson in how to make yourself stronger, both physically and mentally?

The ability to quickly turn around from a “failed” workout does not come easy to everyone. With the motivation and a few key mental steps, you can gain the ability to quickly turn a defeating workout into a positive and motivating learning experience.

The next time some of these feelings of failure creep into your mind after an extremely tough workout, redirect your thinking and ask yourself these questions.

Was I physically prepared for what I set out to do? Are you battling an injury or illness that may be affecting your limits of your physical exertion? Or maybe you didn’t stretch enough from the day before. We are all humans, and even the fittest people on the planet are not going to always hit their marks when they are sick or injured. Don’t let an injury keep you down, work around it and concentrate on what you can do confidently.

Are the goals you have placed ahead of yourself obtainable for where you are in your training? Take a step back and look at the goal you have set. Was it realistic at this time? Have I been training properly? Am I at a point in my training that would allow me to conquer this obstacle? If not, what can I do to master that skill next time. Make sure you visualize your success and set appropriate goals for yourself. If you always seem to just be chasing your own personal goals, set smaller, more frequent goals to allow you to feel that satisfaction or reaching a milestone.

Was I mentally prepared today? We all have craziness in our lives and some days it can show up in our workouts. Were you up too late? Stressed or overworked? Maybe today was just not your day. We all have those days and they can impact our workouts more than you think. Take the rest of the day to reward yourself for showing up. Don’t let one day keep you in a funk for a week. We are blessed to have the ability to sleep it off and have a fresh day to excel.

Are you at a point in your training that would realistically allow you to accomplish what you set out to do today? Physical fitness is one of the most rewarding things you will experience in your life. However, there will be ups and downs, it’s just going to be how you manage them that makes the journey easier and more enjoyable.

And lastly remember success that isn’t easily earned is all that sweeter. All that sweat, hard work and determinations feels feels like nothing when you nail that lift, or finish that class on a high note. It’s better to try your best and fail than not to try at all.

So if you’re disappointed by failure, keep your head up. A failed workout can lead to growth,redirection and ultimately a sweeter success not only in the gym, but also in life.

-Coach Jamie Quigley


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