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May 9

Comeback For a Cause: “Do a Lotta Good”


Here at Raw Fitness, we are a family. An always evolving, and growing, family.

Our mission statement is: “To be Lake Norman’s Most Caring Gym.”

Our members made that statement so true during our “Comeback for a Cause” Challenge. By exercising harder, longer, and with more intention, we raised $3,000 for The Lotta Foundation.

With this money, The Lotta Foundation was able to do ‘a lotta good.’ Every year, they host “A Great Day Of Play” where during spring break, underprivledged kids can have a fun day to look forward to. They provide a lunch for the kids, as well as get them moving and playing with games and activities. Even some of the Carolina Panthers and Davidson Basketball players came out to help with the event!

This day takes a ton of planning by the Lotta Foundation, as well as some donations from the surrounding community.

You see, not only does The Lotta Foundation host this super fun day for kids, but they give grocery store gift cards to the participants, so they don’t go hungry during spring break. Too often, we forget about the kids who rely on school breakfasts and lunches for their daily nutrition. They might not be getting enough (or any) food at home.

Also, think for a minute about how many kids get to go on fun vacations to Disney World or the beach for Spring Break. Those kids come back to school with exciting stories about how much fun they had. Now, our kids can take part in those conversations as well, because they had A Great Day Of Play.

It was our honor to help this awesome foundation provide food for these kids.

and YOU, OUR MEMBERS, made it happen.

Check out all the other amazing events The Lotta Foundation hosts, and how you can continue to support their team on their Facebook Page:


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